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Sacred Fire

The Sacred Fire is among the most fundamental aspects of Sacred Ceremony for all cultures worldwide. It is the fire that first brought us together for protection, warmth, cooking and light.

We shall honor this tradition by keeping a Sacred Fire lit throughout the festival.

Please respect the fire by not throwing anything into it that you would not want to offer your grandparents.

Tobacco will be available by the fire to make a prayer offering.

If, at any point during the festival you feel lost or need to find your center, the Sacred Fire is there for you.

A Fire Keeper will be there at all times, available to help you.

Please be extra careful around the Sacred Fire and remember that it is a fire of prayer and treat it with due respect.


Drum Circle and Fire Conclave

Saturday night will begin with a Drum Circle and Fire Conclave… a time to dance, and sing and pray… to return to the fundamental elements of ceremony and celebration.

The Drum Circle will be facilitated by The LOVE Drums, who will lead the drum circle. But feel free to bring your own drums, rattles and noisemakers to join in the celebration.

The Fire Conclave will consist of the Fire Performers under the guidance of the Performing Arts Director. If you wish to participate in the Fire Conclave and are a safe and experienced Fire Dancer, please fill out a Performing Artist Application.


Opening and Closing Ceremonies

We have come to recognize that music and arts festivals are more than just a party, they are a new kind of Sacred Ceremony for a new time in a new culture.

We are just finding our way back to our roots and these festivals are a reflection of that journey.

We gather together in a spirit of LOVE and PEACE and celebrate together with song and dance, just as our ancestors have for thousands of years. But times have changed and our Sacred Roots have been obscured by the various developments of civilization.

But we are finding our way back… to our Roots… our Sacred Connections to all that is.

In honor of this re-connection, we shall begin and end the festival with Sacred Ceremony.

All festival participants are encouraged to attend these ceremonies and to bring any tools that may help. For example, sacred objects, sage, palo santo, sacred drums, rattles… but most importantly, your Heart and your intentions to help bring Peace and Harmony into this world, to nurture our True Unity in LOVE.

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