Earth Skills Workshops

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In these workshops, we will learn fundamental Earth skills that help us to integrate our lives harmoniously with Mother Earth.

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Meeting the Spirits of the Land: Talking to Plants

with Leah Larabell

In this workshop, you will learn to escape modern ideas of listening and embrace ancient knowledge of truly hearing what our plant family has to say. Listening with your heart center, you will learn how to calm the chatter within and hear from the greater. This skill has been used for hundreds of years for everything from medicinal herbalism to properly planting for best harvest. Escape the loneliness of separation and reconnect with the whole through your green allies.

Ethical and Conscious Wild Crafting

with Debra Sitorius and Alayne Griffin

Part of the issues we are experiencing in our world in the last 50 years is that we come to nature with a consumers mindset. In nature the is a web of coexistence and a realization of connectedness. This workshop helps to be in the right mind frame as we harvest our Green Allies from their natural environment. This is essential that we practice conscious harvesting for the benefit of the plant communities, the wild animals, harvesters, farmers, and practitioner alike. Thank we take no more than we need, we replant or reseed, and that we protect our green allies so that our children, grandchildren, and their grandchildren can have the opportunity to use the Green Blessings, that abound on Mother Earth. If we do not harvest consciously then we will loose the abundance of natural healing and wellness that surrounds us in our native medicinal plants. We will discuss what is on the threatened or watch list a advised my United Plant Savers and techniques for preserving their abundance for the future. Our intent is to assure the increasing abundance of the medicinal plants which are currently in decline due to expanding popularity and shrinking habitat and range. UpS is not asking for a moratorium on the use of these herbs. Rather, we are initiating programs designed to preserve these important wild medicinal plants.

Fermentation For Ordinary Mortals

with Scott Webb

How to make kraut at home in ten minutes, kimchee in 15. Plus an overview on store-bought fermented products in light of health benefits they provide as understood by a veteran colon hygienist.

Late Summer/Early Fall Mushrooms

with Wes Wojtowicz

This workshop will be mobile, we will be walking the nearby woods, and the class will unfold as defined by the fungi/herbs/trees we come across, their relationships to each other, uses, and more. This will no doubt be a lot of fun and provide many learning experiences seeing as Autumn is a time of wondrous, large, and greatly useful Fungi!

Brewing 101: Beers, Mead, Wine

with Scott Tackett (Jadzu-Redwolf)

We will cover the basic equipment and knowledge for any average Joe to begin the addiction that is brewing.

Everyday herbal First Aid from your kitchen, your yard,and some woods near you

with Debra Sitorius

In this workshop Alayne and I will be sharing everyday first aid from ingredients you have around your home, your yard, but especially your kitchen. Our Grandparents and their Grandparents knew may ways to deal with everyday issues and boo boos from their kitchens, yards, and gardens. They knew what flowers could stop bleeding, what spices could help circulation, what roots, leaves, or flowers could help an upset tummy, or calm a head ache. Many of these skills and ways were lost in our modern world of today. It is time to rediscover these skills and take back some of our power. In this workshop we will also be sharing some places where you can discover tools for your sustainable and natural tool boxes of health and happiness.

Stone Basket Wrapping for Beginners

with  Sonnie Mynatt


Have you ever wanted to learn how to wrap a stone but have not the first clue where to start? With this workshop I will walk you through the steps of Basket wrapping. Please bring your own tools and wire, I will have some wire available to purchase but a limited amount. You should bring 16 gauge and a smaller gauge such as 20 or 22. But feel free to bring any size as this type of wrapping doesn’t require any size, but the larger sizes are easier to learn.

The Fundamentals of Blacksmithing

with Jesse Bulla

Bulla Forge will be demonstrating some essential blacksmithing techniques by taking those interested through a step by step process of how to make hand forged Viking Oath Ring Bracelets, Troll-crosses, and Viking Rune Amulets. These items will also be available to order and/or purchase on site.

Living a Plastic Free Lifestyle

with Candi Sewell & Sean Tracy

This will be a two-part workshop. The first part will be an overview of plastic itself. This includes: * identifying the different types of plastics and common properties of each (LDPE, HDPE, PVC, etc…) * A brief description of the manufacturing process * Environmental impact of our plastic usage (From chemicals that are produced/released during manufacturing, all the way to the disposal of and subsequent leeching into water/land/air) * Health risks associated with plastic usage (example: BPA) * Proper disposal & Recycling/Upcycling tips for existing plastics. * Reduce, Reuse, Repeat… The second part of the Workshop will aim to give and guide for how to find plastic alternatives This will include a number of options including: * Methods to reduce/eliminate purchasing new plastics (Buying grocery items from local farms and buying supplies in bulk rather than single serve packaging) Example —> Oatmeal, Beans, Rice, etc… * Reusing already existing plastics (How to upcycle and make existing plastic multipurpose.) * Single serving item alternatives (Bringing a reusable tote bag with you to the grocery store, carrying eating utensils with you when you eat out @ restaurants) Example —> stainless steel drinking straw * Giving a plethora of plastic alternatives! Glassware & Storage containers, wooden/bamboo kitchen utensils, stainless steel options, the list is endless!


The Tricks and Trades of Detailed Wire Wrapping

with  Sonnie Mynatt


This is a workshop (or combined) on doing detailed work such as weaving, coils etc. This is where we learn how to do some of the more difficult moves in the art form, please bring a smaller gauge wire such as 20 and 22 or even smaller up to 30 gauge as long as you have some smaller sizes even the same size will work as this is not going to result in wrapping a stone, but how to do the different types of details shown in detailed wrapping. (it takes days to complete a detailed piece)

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