Farm Skills Workshops

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In these workshops we will learn basic farm skills that help us return to food, the root of our life on earth, in ways that truly harmonize with Mother Earth.

Introduction to Permaculture Design Principles and Ethics

with Jason Deptula (aka The Green)

Get a great start into the world of Permaculture, learn how we can balance our built environment with nature’s way of creation and recycling.


Introduction to Organic Farming

with Hank Delvin Sr.

Learn about Organic Farming from the master!

“We believe in growing methods that improve our environment by enhancing the quality of our water, building our soils for healthy plants and by not using harmful chemicals in our farming.  Our organic vegetables are packed with nutrients extracted from our deep mineral rich soils, clean air and fresh water.  Throughout the seasons you can find over 80 varieties of heirloom and traditional vegetables grown on our farm.”

The Tough Truth About Growing Organic Fruit

with Martin Holsinger

We all want to eat fruit that is grown organically, and as close to home as possible, but there are difficulties the nursery catalogues don’t tell you about. Based on my decades growing fruit organically, or as organically as possible, I’ll  share my knowledge of home and small-scale commercial horticulture.

Lessons from Everyday Life on ||The Farm||

with Martin Holsinger

What was it like to live in an open, communal, collective society where no money changed hands? Are there ways to apply those arrangements to life in our very private, non-communal, individualistic society, in which almost everything is about money, that might help shift us and our circle of friends into a more relaxed and open paradigm?


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Herbal Medicine

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Introduction to Permaculture

with Hayley Joyell Smith

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