Flow Arts and Dance Workshops

In these workshops we will explore:

  • The fundamentals of Flow Arts
  • The sacred roots of  Dance
  • The body as a sacred temple
  • Harmonizing our movements with the flow of the universe
The Fundamentals of Belly Dance

with Stefanya

Description coming soon…


Intro to Tutting

with Tesla DarkMatter

In this class, students will learn the basics of the geometric art style known as tutting, by exploring the grid, and discovering ways to maneuver through space.

Intro to Whirling Dance

with Nicole

workshop description coming soon…

Encoding Meaning in Movements and Spontaneous Choreography

with Sunshine Jupiter

In this workshop, we explore the deeper realms of flow and dance, where our movements are no longer expressing just our ego, but something much bigger… vast and mysterious… when we are no longer the dancer, but the dance itself. We will journey directly into this world through explorations of the various levels of encoding meaning into our movements. We will also explore elements of spontaneous choreography, where we flow in seemingly pre-organized movement sequences… just as they are being composed… by the universe, acting through us.

Double Hoops

with Grace Good

Learn basic/ intermediate and a few advanced tricks with double hoops! We will learn off-body tricks including weaves, isolations, and capps. As well as learning different ways to double hoop on body! This workshop will require at least a basic knowledge of single hooping. No double hooping knowledge is required.


Hula Hoop Yoga

with Luna Devika

In this workshop, we will focus, cleanse, inspire, and empower the mind; strengthen, limber, and find gentle grace in the body; and ascend the spirit. We will utilize the sacred circle as a prop for alignment, flexibility, strengthening, flow finding, and connecting to our highest power. 

The plastic circle creates a safe space to release, find peace, and cleanse energetic blockages. Moving in a circle
connects us with the natural rotation of the earth that supports life. Hula hoops are playful props that yield joy and connect us with the pure child spirit that resides within us all. No hula hoop or yoga experience necessary!

Intro to Aerial Skills

with Crystal Starr

In this workshop, the fundamentals of aerial arts including

  • climbs
  • foot knots
  • basic aerial moves
Intro to Liquid Dance

with Sunshine Jupiter

In this class, you will learn the foundational techniques to begin effortless full body flow.

Breaking the Boundaries with Flow Arts

with Sunshine Jupiter

A flow arts class focused on finding and breaking through our boundaries….developing complete freedom of expression through discovering and penetrating our self-imposed conditions.

**All flow toys welcome**

Beginner Hula Hooping

with Grace Good

Workshop description coming soon…

Mind, Body, and Poi

with Tesla DarkMatter

This is a mixed level conceptual class covering a wide range of techniques with poi, covering extensions, flowers, tosses, under the legs, and more.

Flexibility Training

with Luna Devika

In this workshop, e will learn to wring our bodies out like a wet rag with a variety of twists to cleanse the emotional and physical toxins we may have stored up. We will focus on channeling fear in a productive and helpful way. We will explore our bodies to find tight spaces and learn to breathe deeply into these spaces to relieve tension. This class will provide simple exercises and postures to help open and deepen our bend in our spine, chest, shoulders, and hips. In expanding our minds, we can enrich and expand our range of motion.

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