Health and Wellness Workshops

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In these workshops, we will delve into both ancient and modern methodologies to achieve health and wellness through:

  • Harmonizing mind, body and soul
  • Healthy natural eating
  • Self-care
  • Stress reduction
  • Breath harmonization
  • Qi awakening
  • The power of sound and vibration
  • The use of herbs, crystals and visualization
Partner Yoga

with Luna Devika

Ahh, the joy of connection! Partner yoga provides the foundation for playful, encouraging, medicinal empowerment. In this class we will work with one another to heal. We will learn some amazing therapeutic hangs and stretches. We will use one another to sink deeply into postures, breathing together, and supporting one another. We will also learn some balance and strength postures to build trust and make us all feel mega awesome! Through this workshop we will learn a bit more about the structure of human relationships. We are machines of medicine!

Shakti Yoga with Sacred Cacao Shakti Yoga

with Nadia Zohbe

Shakti Yoga with Sacred Cacao Shakti Yoga is an organic, creative, and internally focused Vinyasa practice mixed with self-expressive dance movement. The focus combines postures with breath in a moving meditation. Cacao is a sacred healing plant known to bring one into a blissfully meditative state by opening the heart chakra and subtle channels of energy. Enjoy blessed raw foods before and after your Shakti practice to link these healing powers in this luscious spiritual experience!

Interactive Connectivity Games

with Jeannie Cerulean

Together participants will build up some fun, playful group energy that they can release into the festival. Connect, play, explore, and sync up with others at Further.

Mindful Movement - Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Join Katherine for an hour of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Through asana we will practice connecting our breath to movement, inviting us into each moment for mindfulness, clarity, and strength. With our breath flowing and blood pumping we will explore the possibilities of our mind and body connection. This practice will re-energize our bodies, bring peace to our minds, and open our hearts for a deeper festival experience!

Shamanic Journey

with Geoff West

Join Integral Shaman, Geoff West for this course on building your relationship to the Spirit Animal world. This course will be oriented toward creating and cultivating your relationship with Spirit Animals (this includes your Power Animal). We do this so that we may glean inspiration, insight and healing from this relationship. In most indigenous traditions this is a type of rite of passage toward empowerment and maturation. This course includes… • Guidance through the process of creating a safe space for the relationship. • Exercises in communication and “working” with the Spirit Animals. • The use of music to support your journey into a brain state that will support your interactions with Spirit Animals. You are invited to bring rattles and drums to the course. • You’ll take several journeys during the course (4-6) to become familiar with the territory. • The support and guidance of Geoff as you learn to “unpack” your interactions. • Class size is limited to 15 people so be sure to act fast to reserve your spot.

Of Dragons and Shadows

with Geoff West

In this course you’ll be offered support and guidance in the process of working with your own reactivity and habituation. The story of our lives and how we perceive them is one of the keys to our transformation. In this course our goal is to become intimate with our story so that we may Translate the deeper meanings and make conscious decisions on whether our story liberates or confines us. Join Integral Shaman, Geoff West as we face the anatomy, psycho-spiritual, social and historical dimensions of our personal and collective reactivity and habituation. You’ll be exploring in this course: • Understanding the “Anatomy of an Experience” • Gathering tools and power to identify and work with your reactivity and habituation • Facing the emotions and stories of your reactivity and habituation • Uncovering hidden truths and power • Integrating your discoveries to support your transformation


Laughter Yoga

with Jon Wolfe

Learn how to feel good using natures natural body chemistry for a pick me up, that stimulates the brain, the body and spirit! Learn techniques and games we play to lift each other’s spirits and boost our immune systems, fight stress and cancer causing agents while having a good time. No sense of humor or special clothing required. Simple, fun, activities and breathing techniques that have been show to lessen or reduce, various aches, pains and fuzzy mental states of participants.

Vibrational Healing

with Caroline Sledge

The study of healing using sound, scent and color to bring wholeness to the chakra system.


Herbal First Aid from your Cupboard and Doorstep

with Alayne Griffin and Debra Sitorius

Herbal First Aid from your Cupboard and Doorstep


Health, Happiness, and the Three Keys to Unlocking Your Hidden Potential Naturally

with Debra Sitorius and Alayne Griffin

In this workshop Alayne and I will discuss getting back to nature and what it takes to unlock your hidden potential. The answer is found within Mind, body, and spirit or naturally understanding the three brains contained within our bodies our logical “brain”, our heart “brain”, and our gut “brain”. It takes more than just optimal nutrition, to shine, it takes harmony within ourselves so that we reduce the effects stress has on our bodies. This workshop is about taking your power back and sharing the natural ways to help do just that. Herbal or natural medicine has always been for the people by the people, in these days of everyone wanting to take something away from you, in this workshop we will help you discover your own super power of reclaiming them.

Lets Talk Stones!

with Melissa Mogan

Practical crystal healing advice, helping you to understand how a stone works, how to choose a stone and how to clear a stone. Learn specific stones that will help with specific everyday challenges, such as anxiety, depression, confidence and safety. Learn how stones want to help you along your journey.

Crystal Healing Demonstration

with Melissa Mogan

Watch a crystal healing session unfold and be explained as it happens. Volunteer from the audience is needed.

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