Seedling Circle

Further Fest Kids Tent

Seedling Circle – Further Fest’s Kids Tent

All ages welcome; parental accompaniment is required.

Friday: 5pm-Sundown

Saturday: 9am-3:30pm

Sunday: 10am-7pm

Here is a list of some of the beautiful workshops and activities to be offered:

Nurture Nature

We exist within nature, we ARE nature! But do we really know how to cuddle with nature? I mean get right on in there and feel her cool grit under our nails. In this workshop, we will get cozy among the trees and explore the nuances of our beautiful green planet. There are so many amazing and exciting colors, shapes, textures, and sounds to behold and I want to help you and your little saplings learn to stop and snuggle up to Mama Earth. It is my hope that this time will help the little ones slow down and begin to more closely observe the weird and wonderful opportunities for discovery in our backyard.

The Art of Now

We all know that one kid who always has rocks, sticks, and leaves in their pockets. That kid has got it all figured out! A child stumbling across a cool shaped rock or a multicolored leaf is comparable to striking gold. In our Nurture Nature activity we will collect as many quirky, crooked sticks and mesmerizingly interesting leaves to create one hundred percent organic all natural Earth art. As a child, time is a concept that is so freakishly vague that it is nearly impossible to understand “living in the moment” so it is my intention that in creating these impermanent masterpieces these babes will learn how truly important it is to appreciate what you have now, because nothing ever really lasts forever.

Little Flow-ers

Kids are natural flow artists…flow-ers if you will. They can become immersed in activities for hours on end and completely lose themselves in the magic of play. I’d like to think that is what we strive for in our various flow arts. I hope to help these buds get acquainted with meditation in movement and learn to do it purposefully. I will also add a dash of spatial awareness training that we can all use. Please bring any flow props or simple toys that you would like such as balls, cubes, rope, slinkies, etc. ; I will have hoops, poi, and staffs.


with Earl Kelly

When we were children, we could contort our bodies into the most amazing and impossible shapes. It’s really quite a shame that we grow out of it. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Imagine if we had been taught how to enjoy making those contortions as we grow up. Practicing Yoga is such an amazing way to continue the flexibility that our little ones have now. We will be flexing and flopping, freezing and folding, stretching and shrinking, twisting and turning, laughing and learning! It will be fun for all ages.


Show me a kid, and I’ll show you a puddle jumper, a rain dancer, a water bug, an expert at getting your bathroom floor wet during bath time. It’s hard to deny a little splasher the pleasures of good ole H2O. It’s too bad that the state of Earth’s water systems are declining as such a fast rate, but maybe, just maybe we can do something about that. Let’s teach these little water lovers what water loving is all about.

Put On Your FestiFace

All around the world ceremonial dress and adornment is a tradition in various cultures, including our own, that is absolutely necessary in the process of preparing to party with a purpose, ie ceremonial festivals! That is what we are doing here right?! So if we’re being honest with ourselves here, playing dress up never really ends when you grow up. In this workshop, I want to provide the opportunity to dress to express! We’re going to paint our faces, make various adornments, and get our FestiFace on!


Brown, white, tan, freckled, fair, tall, short, big, little, slender, plump, quiet, loud, sassy, sweet, perfect, imperfect… What is normal even? Our imperfections make us different and interesting, but how often do we tell ourselves we want to look or be different than what we are? A lot of our insecurities began as a seed when we were children and grew into massive issues for us as adults. I think we can all benefit from reminding ourselves and others that we are all works of natural art, continuously growing and changing and becoming.

Story Telling

Plain and simple: Stories will never die. We know who we are and where we came from through stories. From the Bible to Green Eggs and Ham, we have a knack for keeping tales of meaningful times in circulation throughout centuries! Bring your child’s favorite books and we’ll have a blast reading and acting them out with the best audience, our story-loving littles.

Kids Jam!

What is a festival without MUSIC!? Bring your little music makers and yourself and we’ll get down like the best of them. Instruments are highly encouraged!

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