Our Mission at FurtherFest Transformational Music & Arts Festival

We’ve come a long way, but we can still go FURTHER…

FAMILY it’s what defines us, and it’s what we are; a global family. Join us for a three day celebration of FAMILY, FRIENDSHIP, FARMING, and FOOD. Music and art is our way of celebrating the rhythm of our humanity, along with COMMUNITY, FRIENDSHIP, WHOLENESS, PEACE, AGRICULTURE = Mind-blown-ness!
Inspirational speakers and performers of healing, visual, and flow arts are ALL on the menu as we feed our spirits, hearts, and minds at Further Fest! The future of all of us relies on INTENTIONS, and so begins our journey TOGETHER as we bring you Further Fest year after year, A celebration of intentional living.

Proceeds from Further Fest will help support Further Farms and help it grow into a sacred space for all.

The homestead and farm of Charlie Tambellini, his wife Andrea, and their two wonderful sons, Diem their eldest son, and Terran, who just recently entered into this curious family we call the human race.

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