Safety and Health


We ask that you please keep your shoes on while in the festival ground. Please keep in mind that we have recently acquired this land and we are still working on remediating the festival grounds. It may be possible that we missed something that could hurt you. Hopefully together we can clean up this beautiful farm.



Festival wellness starts with keeping yourself healthy including:

  • Drink plenty of water (you should have to use the Port-a-Potties at least once every 8 hours)
  • Get plenty of sleep/rest (be sure to bring earplugs!) so you can enjoy the whole event
  • Eat healthy food and snacks at regular intervals
  • Don’t overdo anything: dancing, partying, alcohol, cigarettes, or anything else!
  • Don’t mix and dance: mixing substances can cause all kinds of problems. Don’t do it.

Festival wellness starts with coming prepared from home, including clothing for the elements, shelter, water containers, and a first aid kit. Please see for a full checklist of supplies to bring



Know the festival layout, where to seek help, medical attention, or to report a lost child. Have some idea of the weather forecast, and pay attention to storms, wind, and lightning. Know how to identify your campsite during the day and in the dark, and know the fastest way to get to your vehicle in the event of a lightning storm.



Most people who come to festivals want to enjoy the music, dancing, and camaraderie that are unique to these events. Your Mom probably told you once “Don’t take candy from strangers” – and that still applies, especially here. Be cautious taking anything from anyone you don’t know and trust, and please keep all valuables locked safely in your vehicle.



This event is LEAVE NO TRACE… Do your best to take care of land and grounds that we’re fortunate enough to play on. Come prepared with your own reusable bottles for water, garbage and recycling bags for your campsite, and please do not discard cigarette butts on the ground! This land serves other purposes and we don’t want to be litterbugs – please be good stewards of the land.



You are here to enjoy the event, the music, the festival experience – take care of yourself so you can do that! Don’t over indulge, don’t let yourself get dehydrated or sleep deprived. Finally, bring a smile and community-minded attitude, and we’ll all have a better experience.



Please be aware of those around you, whether in the festival site or the campgrounds. Be quiet during quiet hours in the campground, be sensitive to those around you trying to sleep or relax, and please ask if people need help if you see someone in trouble. Have a buddy system for your friends/group so no one ends up alone or lost. Let’s all look out for each other, and always “Do What’s Best For the Fest!”.



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