Science and Mind Workshops

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In these workshops, we will explore:

  • the deepest layers of consciousness
  • fundamental laws of physics
  • the sacred geometrical roots of music
  • the flow of perception

and gain the tools needed to skillfully approach these realms of experience toward personal and global awakening.

Mystical Physics, Sound and Geometry

with Sirius Colors

In this workshop, we explore the fundamental geometrical physics of sound and vibration toward a deeper conscious experience of reality.

We will traverse a vast interconnected web of topics including:

  • Cymatics (with live demonstrations)
  • Higher Dimensionalities and Projection into 3D / 4D experience
  • Harmonics
  • Frequency / Wavelength / Tone
  • Reflection / Absorption / Diffusion
  • Resonance and Entrainment
  • Quantum Physics
  • Chaos Theory
  • Black Holes and Gravitational Physics
  • Information Theory
  • Holography

Then we take it to the dance floor.

The Sacred Geometry of Music

with Ernest Chapman

The study of Sacred Geometry is not meant to be an idle pursuit. In order to have transformative power, it must be brought into physical manifestation. The traditional ways to do this have always combined sound vibrations with architecture, to create a mirror of the patterns of the heavens on the surface of the Earth. This workshop will give you a direct experience of the power of Sacred Geometry through sound and vibration. The shapes and patterns of Sacred Geometry create a language of frozen sound. Like sonic snowflakes, the same patterns appear again and again, inviting us to unlock them with the vibrations of musical instruments and voices. This is what gives musical harmony it’s power: the alchemical maxim “As Above, So Below”. In this workshop, we will embody the sounds of simple musical harmonies with our voices, but we will do so with a conscious, focused intention to embody the different archetypal patterns represented by the shapes and patterns which correspond to these sounds. These shapes and patterns can be generated by a simple process which makes it possible to relate the notes of music to Sacred Geometry, temple architecture, alchemy and astrology.

Inner Alchemy: A Guided Meditation

with Phoenix

Journey inward as we allow our breath to guide us towards stillness and explore different relaxation techniques and connect with our energetic bodies. This guided meditation will infuse different methodologies, including a Qigong warmup practice to prepare the body and mind. Suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

Meditation Free-Style Flow Shop

with Mage Tha Blackheart

Hone in on your inner poetry with this meditation immersion formulated by food advocate and co-founder of Nashville based hip-hop collective, House of Wax. Mage will take you into an empty space through thirty minutes of mindfulness meditation to clear your mind allowing the information to flow freely. Ultimately the goal being to remove the filter that anticipates one thought to the next so that an uninterrupted stream of rhymes manifest in rhythmic succession or better know as freestyling. The workshop will begin with a short history of the cipher and the concept of concentrating energy in a circle to collectively elevate and close with an actual cipher displaying your new found skills.

BeatBoxing... The Power of the Breath in Rhythm

with Sirius Colors

BeatBoxing is a universal language. However, many people are afraid to try.

In this workshop, we learn just how easy is is to BeatBox and crunkify the party wherever we go.

We learn how to:

  • make the basic sounds and discover new ones
  • integrate the breath
  • make an instant dance party anywhere, anytime

…And then we take it to the dance floor

Introduction to and demonstration of Free Radiant Energy

with Jason Deptula (aka The Green)

The focal point of this workshop will be a device I built in 2007 that exhibits interesting electromagnetic phenomena. It is based on a simplified version of a patent awarded in 2004. The nature of this quantum device, once grasped by the audience, always spurs on a exciting discussion of the possibilities when scaled up and applied to all of civilizations needs. Beyond the device itself, this workshop also includes an audience participation in anti-gravity demonstration! We will synergize and easily lift a friend out of their chair as a conclusive act!

Personal Growth and Acknowledging One's Self

with Scott Tackett (Jadzu-Redwolf)

This subject is something that I feel is very important in today’s plugged in yet disconnected society because I have faced stagnation and self doubt myself. Without acknowledging personal needs, stagnation both internal and external are inevitable. This will be a discussion circle for personal discovery, to build communication skills, identify needs, express fears, or even just to rant and get some shit off your chest.
Drums, singing, rattles, bells, guitars, etc. are welcome.

Manifesting Your Reality

with TruthSeekah

Manifesting your desired reality includes principles that are esoteric yet practical for anyone to achieve in understanding the universal laws that govern our universe.

Join Truthseekah as he teaches on Manifesting Your Destiny.

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