Earth Skills Workshops

Basic Earthship and Biotecture Presentation
Sustainability 101
Living with Less Plastic
Wicking Garden Systems
Levistick 101
Multiprop Leviwhoop Intermediate
Dancing with your Wand
Jedi Training
Exploring Stalls (Beginners and Intermediates)
Advanced Wire Wrapping
Morning Yoga
Light: The Connecting Energy
Aramaic Toning, Prayer & Cosmic Chant Circle
Isis, Magdalene and the Sacred Fire of Ecstasy
Sacred Plants and Interspecies Communication
Resiliency Through Agroforestry
Regenerative Earthworks
Regi Wooten Esoteric Guitar
Aquaponics 101
Morning Meditation
The Myco-Revolution: The Bioremeditative and Medicinal Powers of Mushroom Mycelium
Eco Forestry for the Homestead
The Permaculture Paradigm
Birth as a Rite of Passage

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